Windows-based Data Management with EPDM


Data management has always been a focus for engineering and production companies. Even companies without a PDM (product data management) system utilize data and revision management.

Consider the example of  drawing a “title block” or “revision table” in SolidWorks.  In many ways, drawing title blocks and revision tables is a form of data management. Engineers and designers maintain current revision numbers (or letters), sign offs, design changes, and “where used” information from the title block and revision table. This may work out OK when your engineering team is only one or two people working on one project at a time, but as your company grows and your productivity increases, your team may need to look to a computerized system to handle product data management (PDM).

Enterprise PDM (EPDM) is a great Windows-based data management solution for SolidWorks users.

3 great benefits users see after implementing SolidWorks Enterprise PDM:



1. Workflow Management and Notifications

The workflow management in EPDM will allow for seamless approvals and can incorporate digital sign-offs to approve revisions. The built-in notification system can instantly notify required users when a document is ready for review and can be moved through the design process without email, phone notifications, or verbal confirmation.



2. Company-wide data management solution

While EPDM is known as, “The data management solution for SolidWorks,” it can also manage revisions of ANY windows-based document. Word docs showing ECOs and .jpeg images illustrating proposed changes, excel spreadsheets or any other windows-based document can be checked into the EPDM vault and revision managed.  Document workflows can be tailored to handle these file types using different rules that SolidWorks file types.

With this capability, EPDM can then be utilized by EVERY department, not just engineering: legal, marketing, order management, manufacturing, etc could all use EPDM to handle their data management needs.



3. Instant cross site and multi-site collaboration

With EPDM, collaboration becomes instantaneous. Users and viewers from different departments access all files in the vault (provided they have permissions) at any time during the design process. If a company has multiple facilities in different locations the EPDM vault can be replicated so that the data in the vault will instantly reflect changes made at any of the sites.   Should one of YOUR customers need to approve a working design they can be given temporary access to the files and allowed to view their files, even from offsite.


This small list only scratches the surface of the possibilities and advantages you will gain by implementing Enterprise PDM. For more information please feel free to contact the Prism Engineering technical team.




Hope you enjoyed this post,

Andy Billiard
Certified Enterprise PDM Professional (CPDMP)
Prism Engineering, Inc.


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